We are running OES Netware SP6 on a Proliant DL380G5. I recently began
testing a backup script to Rsync our data to another server. The hope
is not to have to always goto tape if we need to restore something.

In the process, I started to use NSS Snapshots. Everything seems
normal until I deactivate the Snapshot. When I deactivate the
snapshot, the server become unresponsive to my users. CPU utilization
is very low, so I assume the problem is disk i/o utilization. Most of
my users rely on apps that use Pervasive SQL, so I am unsure if the
problem occurs with "normal" file services.

Not knowing if this is normal I looked over the NSS documentation, the
only thing that caught my eye was shredding data when deleting the
snapshot. I can't find anything that describes what is happening when
I deactivate the snapshot.

Is this situation normal? Should I make sure I only deactivate when I
know there is a few minutes of inactivity?