We have approximately 1.35 GB of negative purgeable space on a SYS volume.
According to TID 10098377, the fix to clear this space is to run the
following command:


I just have a few questions about this command:

1. Does the SYS volume need to be unmounted before running this command
on the SYS pool? Does the pool need to be deactivated or put into
maintenance mode? Do all apps running from the SYS volume need to be

2. How safe is this command? What is the likelihood of damage to the
pool/volume or possible data loss/corruption?

This is on a NetWare 6 SP5 server with only about 1 GB of actual free space
on the SYS volume. GroupWise, NDPS, eTrust antivirus, and ARCserve are all
running on the server from the SYS volume.