Hi there,

i have a strange phenomenon here:
We have a SAN build up of HSG80 controllers in multipath failover
mode. Via two fibrchannel switches a bunch of computers are connected
to the san. So far so good.

Last week one computer (Running NetWare 6.5 SP5) broke out of his
Cluster because it doesnt see the san anymore. All the other PCs are
seeing it. We replaced the emulex lp8000 with a QL2300, does not work.
We changed cabling, switchport ansd everithing else, doesnt work.
We created two new RAIDs as new units D5 and D8. The other connections
(NetWare 6.0) are sseing the new devices. The two new Clusternodes
(NetWare 6.5) doesn't see them.
Both of the two new nodes (DL580 G2) had worked over a year in this
configuration without any problem. Now ond node broke out of, the
other one is currently working fine but does not see the new raids

Is here someone who can help me? I'll provide any information to you.

I Actually posted this in administration, sorry for that.

Kind regards