Hi We have 2 SATA Infortrend SANS.

on SAN 1 I have 3 TB avail for Netware Cluster (RAID 6)
and on SAN 2 I have 1.5 TB avail for Netware Cluster (RAID 6)

or I have

12 x 380GB disks on SAN 1
6 x 380 GB disks on SAN 2

I have 10 Depts that will be on the cluster and each Dept needs its own
clustered volume.

It is unknown how big each dept Volume will become.
Some depts already need 600gb (from previous system) and some only need 50GB

What would anyones advice be on how to set up the disks. So that I can
expand the netware volumes as required. (with out crossing sans or
arrays, unless that does not matter, I know it is possible)

Should I create small raids and place a single partition on each array
for each volume, or should I create a large array and create lots of
10gb partitions, which would give me the flexibility of adding 10gb
partitions each time a dept needed more space.

any advice would be appreciated.