We bought a new PowerEdge 2900 to replace our older PowerEdge 2600. Now
that just about all of our data and Groupwise has been moved to the new
box, I would like to reconfigure the old box, which has traditional
volumes. WE we use it for an extra NDS copy, Bordermanager server, and
basically a CD tower (stored on a volume) for when we need to grab
installation CD files.

Currently it is running with 3 - 36Gb drives in a Raid 5 array on one
partition, with 2- 36 Gb drives and a 72 Gb drives on their own. What
I would like to do to maximize what I have on the old box is to include
the 2 - 36Gb drives on the existing Raid 5 array.

Right now there are only 2 volumes on the RAID array, SYS and PROJECTS.
I will delete the PROJECTS volume before I start, as I will not need
it anymore. As I understand it what I can do is:

1. Delete volume PROJECTS.
2. Down the server, then use Dell's RAID utility to add the 2 - 36 Gb
drives to the RAID array.
3. ???

Not sure what will happen on number 3. and above...

Thanks for any help,