Greetings to the Netware family!

I have a problem with a newware 6 server (SP4) and I wonder if someone on
the forum can confirm what I am thinking ?

I have corruption on a volume, I did a Pool Verify, now I am doing a
Rebuild. The rebuild process has encountered a problem in the volume data
structures. It says 100mg of data will be lost in 69 files. It says
please check all partition segments are visible and then try rebuilding
again. If Rebuild continues to generate this warning, data recovery may
be necessary.

So this means that the Rebuild process is unable to fix the problem with
the volume and I have no other option than to delete the volume, delete
the nss pool, than recreate the pool, recreate the volume, then
restore, Correct ?

Thanks very much to whoever can help me. I would appreciate it very much.