Hi all,

We have a 3 node Netware 6.5 SP5 cluster, HP DL380 servers connected via
SCSI to an HP array.

Currently we have 10 drives in the array, up and configured with clustered
volumes. We have added 4 additional drives to the array.

In order to make the new space available I plan to load CPQONLIN.NLM on
cluster node 1 and use the array confguration utility to expand the array.
Once that completes I assume the free space will be visible to the NSSMU
as unpartitioned space.

Has anyone out there done this? Can this be done on the fly without
dismounting the existing clustered volumes? Does the above procedure pass
the sanity check.

My main concern is the possibility of wiping out all the existing data.

Any war stories would be much appreciated.