Posted this a while back but got very busy and missed out on any potential
answers... so here we go again...

I have a client's network that about the time of updating from NW65SP5 to
NW65SP6 lost the ability to assign rights to files and folders that are
using the traditional file system. NSS volumes work fine..

DSREPAIR / DSTRACE do not show any errors that would point to a problem,
and groups and user rights established before the change seem to work just
fine... adding a user to an existing group that gave rights to a
traditional volume does not work. Checking inherited rights to the folder
show no rights being established.

The problem here is that a couple older legacy applications do not
function on NSS volumes and require the traditional system so migrating
the volumes to NSS is not an option.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Mike Giovaninni