not presently at my email location. At a friend's office. He has a Novell
Netware 6 server integrated with an Win NT server. The NT server works

For some reason, only a few machines are asked to logon via the novell
wetware client logon v.4.3.After a while it'll time out and ask if you
still want to logon to windows. Click yes and the pc starts normally and
has access to the rest of the network and the internet. NOone here now
knows why the novell is here, but i'm sure it's important.

When I went to the Novell server station, (sorry I don't know much), I'm
greeeted with the Novell Netware Server Spalsh screen. The only way I've
found to get another screen is to press Alt & Esc.

Then on the System Console Screen, at the bottom I have:
08-01-2007 10:50:22am comn-3.2-36 [nmID=A0004]
NSS-2.70-5001:nss Volume MD-Server/sys out of Disk Space

then some stuff about trying to delete some files... then...
08-01-2007 10:50:22am DS-10320.29-260 Directory Services: Could not open
local database, error: -168

Could someone tell me how to get to a screen where I can view the files or
disk contents to try to make some space???

BTW, I ran the Dell drive diagnostics and they say the drives are all good.

Please help ASAP as I'm sitting here in the office waiting for a solution.