We had GroupWise running on SAN using iSCSI but it was extremely slow
and created a lot of problems. Thus we moved it back to the physical
disk. After we consulted the SAN experts, we were recommended to apply
wsock6l patch on the netware server (6.5 sp5), updated iSCSI to 1.06.02
(the most recent one), set TCP maximum initial receive window=64, etc.
and finally enable jumbo frames on the switch, SAN, and the NetWare
server. My question is how we can test the performance before we move
our GroupWise back to SAN.

We were recommended to use dpmeter. But it is really not a good
suggestion as this one has to fill up the volume in the SAN to test
performance, which is really unacceptable! I would appreciate it very
much if someone give me more suggestion or advise.

Thank you a lot!