We have HP DL 380 Netware 6.5 sp2 servers with HP USB 72 DAT tape drives
and HP Data Pro Express software Single Server.

On the HP USB DAT data sheet Netware is not supported.Has the support been
added on nw65sp5 or 6 ?Is there any way of making this operate under
Pathes/Fixes etc.
Because we have single server edition we have been unable to backup the
Netware server across network from a Windows machine.
Does Arcserve 11.5 support HP USB DAT 72 and have a Netware client
option to backup the Netware server
across a network via Windows machine with The USB connected to it.(The
Arcserve data sheet does not explicitly mention this)
What would be best for this situation?
Note that the Netware servers will be deployed at 5 different WAN locations