VOL1 on a Traditional volume cant be mounted any more.
When trying to mount or running VREPAIR we got the same message:

Last segment (0) ends at block 407731 instead of 409153.
Definition for sync 1 of volume VOL1 removed.
Definition for volume VOL1 is invalid.
Volume VOL1 could NOT be mounted. Some or all volume segments cannot be

What i think 'might' have happened is that one pratition, a small empty at
89Mb, earlier was 'part' of VOL1 and now for some reason has been deleted.

For an examle, From Remote Manager i first Extend VOL1 from a partition
lets say 89Mb, then realise that was a mistake and delete the partition
was a part of VOL1.

Is there any way to fix this? Any tools? Desperatly need help cause i
restore because of hardware problem with the backup system.
F.Y.I, the other volumes; SYS & _ADMIN works 100% so i don't suspect any
problems with the disks (2x36GB Mirrored).