Hi Folks,

I need some advice here, one of our customers had the following situation.

1) Hard drive failure in Dell raid server, SYS volume is traditional, drive
failed in DATA NSS volume.

2)Hardware engineer arrives and manages to screw up the hard drive
replacement such that there is a missing segment on the DATA volume.

3)Customer tries NSS rebuild, no good

4)Customer deletes corrupt pool, volume object still in eDir.

5)Restores data volume from tape into new pool.

6)Mounts data volume, and gets the following messages:
Volume DATA has never been installed

7)Everything looks fine, users have access to their home directories, login
script drive mappings all OK, all the trustees seem to be correct.

8) Runs DSREPAIR, Check Volume Object and Trustees, and nothing is found to

So everything thing appears to be fine but the customer is worried that
because DSREPAIR doesn't find the volume to check the trustees he is
storing up a problem for later. Is there anyway to get Edir in a state such
that the new DATA volume is linked in correctly.

All advice gratefully received