Server: NW65SP6; NSS-Volume;
I tried to delete and rename the directories with filer.exe, cpqfm.nlm,
toolbox, NRM, DOS-del /x, C1 ("delete Junction" cannot be used with
directories), ZTree, NWadmn32, nwftp, ...
Some directories have strange names (like "(V1) 1--Jobs sind nach
BayPVG pflichtig ..eml"). The attributes [SyHPDiRiDcDm] cannot be
changed neither.
I guess I have to use fixlinks.nlm, or fixnames.nlm ...?
As this problem is occuring often (according to this forum), novell
should think about a general solution to fix this problem instead of
"Call Novell Technical Support to obtain FIXLINKS.NLM to fix the
attributes." (TID10091671) which causes additional costs.
Is there anyone who can send me the nlms, please?