I have been having some strange things going on around here and I can't
put a finger on it. I have a mixed environment with Windows and Netware
and seem to have issues with logging into a certain server sometimes.
It's been fine for a while but now it's back again. Whenever we login
into the system two servers get attached and about 5 drive mapping get
mapped per server. Once in a while one of the server is not findable by
the client but yet if you log out then back in maybe it works.
Sometimes it may take two or three times before it get attached. This
is very annoying to the users and to me and I can't seem to get teh
problem resolved. I have all the latest patches to the client, we are
using Client 4.91 running on Netware 6 with all the latest service
packs. One thing that is really strange is that it doesn't happen to
everyone just a few. If anyone has any suggestions I would really
appreciated it. Thanks