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Thread: Re: Login Scripts and UNC Paths

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    Vincenzo Fraschetti NNTP User

    Re: Login Scripts and UNC Paths

    Lauren wrote:
    > Is it possible to use an UNC path in a login script? I want to use the
    > Novell Login Script to map drives to (Microsoft) servers that are not in
    > Edirectory. Is this possible? If so, any help how to do it would be
    > wonderful.
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Lauren

    On professional OS client from WinNT and newer, if you login both to NW
    and MS (NT Domain or Active Direcory) you can "NET USE" MS shares in
    login script.

    If shares are on servers of Domain/AD you logged in when your client
    execute login script use MS credentials for NET USE command, because MS
    credentials are tested before executing login script.

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    Chris Premo NNTP User

    Re: Login Scripts and UNC Paths

    I noticed your post and wanted to pass on what we do to map a MS2K Server drive. We use the following command line in a user's login script:

    @Net Use n: \\SERVERIP\DirectoryName UsersPassword

    The command line contains the password for the user and assumes that an account has been configured on the MS2K server using the user's exact name as defined in NW.

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