Several reasons it might not see the tree. All involve client
configuration. Is the client installed with IPX or IP or both? Do you
have it configured with a preferred server (usually should not, but this
can help in special cases)? If you have it configured with a preferred
server, using the server name, you may need to add that name to your
local hosts file, or else use the server IP address. Check your basic
client properties and location profiles carefully. Also check your SLP
settings if you use IP to connect. Also, if you use IP, verify that you
can ping the server by number and name.

Gerald Reynolds wrote:
> I installed Novell Client 4.91 (with pka, but not nwgina_3) on a new XP SP2
> machine. Install went fine, but when logging in, can't get it to see the
> tree (much less the context or server) on my NW 5.0 SBS server. When I
> removed it and installed Client 4.83, it worked fine. Funny thing is, 4.91
> works great with another new machine with XP Home SP1.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> Michael
>>I'm unable to install the Novell Client 4.91 (with pka+nwgina_3 patch)
>>on a windows xp sp2 +post sp2 updates workstation.
>>I get the following error when I start nwsetup.exe /ACU /U:unattend.txt
>>"An unknow error 0x00000001 (1) occurred whil installing: Novell Client
>>for Windows"
>>Are there any debug switches available to get some more info to what is
>>going wrong?
>>I also did the setup manualy with and without the NMAS and NICI options
>>both instances returned above mentioned error.
>>Anybode else got client 4.91 installation issues on windows XP SP2?