I'm using the free version (under their non-profit license). But the
paid version is equally good, even better. I've also worked with that.
You can lock down to port and service level with the paid version,
not just application and IP address as with the free version. One
advantage of ZA over MS FW is that ZA monitors outgoing connections; MS
FW does not. Thus ZA will trap a virus or trojan trying to get out; MS
FW will never see it. And once it establishes an outbound connection,
MS FW will let return traffic in as well.

I've not tried managing ZA through a gpo. But I would assume it's
doable. You might find more info on their site or in a forum. Or ask
their tech support, if you have a paid license.

Gerald Reynolds

Louis Ghl wrote:

> Is ZA manageable trhrough gpo's? and is it the free version of ZA your
> talking about?
> I was under the impression that the MS firewall is actually pritty good.
> Again thanx for your reply,
> Louis