Holding down the CTRL key while pressing the "Shutdown" button, which
invokes the "Emergency Shutdown" dialog, is not a feature the Novell
Client has ever supported to my knowledge.

The closest thing that comes to mind for performing that kind of
shutdown "quickly" would be to invoke a utility via a shortcut, such
as XP's SHUTDOWN.EXE or Sysinternals' PsShutdown
(http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/PsShutdown.html), specifying
the option to "force" applications closed (i.e. don't wait for data

Ken.Watts@cacky.com wrote:

> Prior to installing the NW client, I was able to perform and emergency
> windows shutdown by pressing ctrl-alt-del the clicking "shutdown..." with
> while holding down the ctrl key. I no longer have this capability since
> the client install.
> I really don;t like to just power off my system. The emer shutdown is
> immediate.

Alan Adams, MCNE