I am a tech support rep for a piece of Language software called ELLIS that
is usually installed in schools. I have run into this issue in several of
my Scools on Windows XP SP 2 computers with a Netware version 6.5+ and
Novell client version 4.83 or 4.91.

ELLIS runs via an executable on the local machine. This executable then
calls to files on the server, usually a mapped drive, but sometimes via a
UNC path. The executalbe finds its pathing by reading an INI file that
resides in the same folder as the executable.

In Windows XP SP 2, when ELLIS is run, it will not find files on the mapped
drive. If you run Filemon.exe from sysinternals.com, you will see that the
executable is never even looking for the server location. It's like it's
not reading the INI file at all.

This only occurs on Windows XP SP 2 with Novell client 4.83 or 4.91 in use
and a Netware version of 6.5 or above. If ELLIS is installed on a mixed
network in the same school, the problem does not present itself in Windows
98 or Windows 2000.

I have had some success in fixing the problem by moving the pathing from a
mapped drive locataion to a UNC path. I have also had some success in
fixing the problem by asking the system admins to install the latest Novell
client. But this does not work all of the time.

Any help or any ideas would be appreciated.