Our Netware 6.0 network runs 300 Windows 2000 workstations. All usual
users are 'dynamic local users' and have 'volatile logins'. Teh system
does not work as it is supposed to:
1. User login names build up in 'Doc.s and Settings' and in the Users
part of Control panel in spite of being 'volatile'.
2. Seemingly randomly, workstations present the windows workstation login
box after users successfully log in via Netware Client 4.90 and 4.91. This
is sometimes overcome by the user logging in with an old password...
3. Sometimes, users find the workstation login presenting itself with the
_previous_ user's login name.

Clearing the Users & password' of volatile users solves the second problem
and reentering their name and password solves the third. All three seem to
be a result of the non-departure of the users from Doc.s & Sett.s.

How can I finally get rid of this problem? Or is it a NetWare/Windows