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Thread: updating clients-client upgrade agent or ACU?

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    kruseb@manson-nw.k12.ia.us NNTP User

    updating clients-client upgrade agent or ACU?

    I have 200 computers with 4.90 clients and some with 3.4 w98 clients.
    I have just moved our servers to 6.5 and want to update the clients
    automatically. The clients currently are not set to update automatically.
    I can get the Novell Client Upgrade Agent to work, but the only way I can
    do so, is to go to each computer and set the client's properties to
    upgrade, then click on the "upgrade client" link on the client. Then, it
    works but I would like to be able to do this without having to go out to
    each computer.
    How can I accomplish this since I currently don't have the clients
    configured to upgrade? Do I have to use the ACU method?

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    Tony Pedretti NNTP User

    Re: updating clients-client upgrade agent or ACU?

    I have yet to use the Client Update Service and gone with the ACU.

    I've found that the paths in ACU.INI are relative to where ACU.EXE is

    For simplicity keep the acu and unattend.txt files together under i386 in
    the install path.
    The ACU.INI file pointing to unattend.txt would have these lines...


    A few lines in the login script should take care of the rest...

    Installing and Upgrading the Novell Client on Multiple Workstations

    Tony Pedretti

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