On a Win XP-Client I have the problem of disconnection to the server
after a time of inactivity. Tried serveral clients, patches, another
network-card - no effect. In the XP event log is nothing abnormal. The
client is installed with IPX-only. After that I watched the server
MONITOR.NLM to see what's happening. A thing that I must not do. With
monitor opened to the connection of the XP-cleint, the client looses the
connection and the server causes a fault:
Page Fault Prozessorausnahmebedinger (Fehlercode 00000000)
OS Version: Novell Netware 4.11
Runnig Process: Monitor-Hauptmodu Process
Stack: ...
Weitere Informationen: Die CPU hat ein Problem beim Ausführen des Codes
in NWSNUT.NLM entdeckt.

Any Ideas how to protect the server or how to heal the client. I think I
should downgrade to Windows 98. All client under Win 98 works fine but
the XP-Client makes too much trouble.