Hello everyone,
I have a very strange problem which can be reproduced when using
Netware Novell Client 4.91 (
This happens on both Win2k server with service Pack 4 and Win2k3 server
with service pack 1.

The Wnet API included on Microsoft SDK provides the function
WNetEnumResources. This function can be used to enumerate network
resources such network providers, domains, computers, shares etc ....

I have written a small piece of code that enumerates all netwrok
resources. Part of it enumerates all network providers (which are in my
case: NetWare Services, Microsoft Terminal services, Microsoft Windows
Network and Web Client Networks).
When I run the executable manually, I retrieve all network providers as
expected, but when the same code is executed by a service (that runs
under local system) the "Netware services" is not enumerated), changing
the service to run under administrative user account does not help

This does not happen on Novell 4.9.0 client (on both Win2k and win2k3),
so it seems the problem is related to Novell client 4.91 rather than
the operating system.

For general information the list of network provides is what you get
when you press "My Network places" icon from desktop and than from left
pane select the "Entire network" menu item.

Ideas anyone ?
Thank you in advance