Hi All,
One workstation(XP Pro sp1) started to give me problems lastweek and
for the life of me i can't put my finger on whats causing the problem.
If someone tries to login by entering there username and password,
then hits the login button, it appears for a 1/2 a second like its
loging in, but then the login box pops right back up. If i select
workstation only it does the same thing. This workstation has never
had any issuse, and wasn't changed at all for months. The only way i
can get into the machine is to select shutdown from the client box and
restart the computer. It will then work on the first try. Does anyone
know what the problem might be? I remember seeing a post months ago
about someone else having this issue, but i can't find the post. Any
info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Client Version 4.90 sp2
NW: 6.0 sp5

Tony D