Hi all,

New 6.5 sp3 install. Users are sharing a db on the server, at first i was
getting op-lock errors on the server, so i disabled op-loack and client
file caching. what was happening, users were all able to login with their
own accounts when the server was first online, before the db was being
used, as the db started to get used after about 30 min, users would not be
able to log in a few at a time until none could. When they log in they
don't get their mapped drives and can't view the contents of the network
folders, tho they could previously. the client is getting extremely
frustrated as am i, any help would be greatly appreciated- as i will be on
this all day tomorrow. oh, i tried the new 4.91sp1 beta on a machine, to
no avail.

Hope you are listening Novell OPs....please