we want to use CA PestPatrol on our Windows 2000 workstation (patched)
the NW Client is 4.91. (patched)

I have installed the Software on my administration-workstation.

On the clients I have installed the MS-Windows Client and the print- and
file-share option. (only because PestPatrol needs this)

An unique Administration account ia on all the PCs, too.

When I start the PestPatrol Console I can see all my PCs in the workgroup.

When I choose one of them to aktivate the Agent an error appears:

Workstation is offline.

I have tried a lot.

1. I can get acces over the lan into the admin$ of the agent PC - o.k.
2. I have de-installed the NW-Client - don`t work

Do you have any idea how I can get them "Online" ?

Do you knew a better software for netware LANs than PestPatrol (because
I dont want the MS-Client)

with an easy administration ?