Posted this problem last week, but seem to have lost my thread to the
solution. Please bare with me.

To review: I've installed both the 4.90, SP2 and 4.91 clients on separate
computers now. These are new Gateway E-4300 machines with Windows Xp, SP2
installed. Neither client will allow me to create shortcuts on the
desktop. Before I install the Novell client, the Windows Client for Novell
allows me to create shortcuts.

Had this same problem with Windows 2000, but SP2 to the 4.90 client seemed
to fix it. Now I'm encountering the same problem with Win Xp.

In an earlier reply you suggested I install all the subsequent patches to
4.91 that came out after the initial client. Instead of that, I decided to
take a brand new computer out of the box and install the 4.90 client
(which used to work fine for Win2000 systems). Unfortunately, I get the
same problem - no shortcut on the desktop. Don't know what other problems
may exist in addition to this.

Through this process, I think I have narrowed the problem down to
compatibility issues between Win XP, or more specifically, Service Pack 2
and the Novell client. Unless someone at Novell is working to fix the
problem, I don't know how I will be able to resolve this. Windows sure
isn't going to be sympathetic.

Before my customers start throwing things at me for not being able to
create an easy shortcut on their desktops, could someone please help?