I have a 4.11 server that I need to migrate to new hardware and software.
when I install the new server and try to join the existing tree it states I
must be using TCP/IP on the 4.11 server. OK I've got that configured and I
can ping the server but I can't connect to it.

I can connect from a client pc just fine with IPX but if I disable IPX then
the client can no longer connect.

I basically followed the following steps that I found on the Internet,
these pretty much matched what I had already done, to configure TCP/IP:

Loading the TCP/IP NLM

1. At the file server console prompt, type load INETCFG.

2. Next, select Protocols option.

3. Select TCP/IP and press ENTER to enable.

4. Enable IP Packet Forwarding (only if you have TWO or more Network
Interface Cards).
5. Enable RIP and Static Routing.

6. Enter the Gateway/Router's IP address in the Static Routing Table
as Default Route.

Loading the LAN drivers to support TCP/IP

Next load a network driver that handles Ethernet_II frames (for Ethernet
network) or Token-Ring_SNAP frames (for Token Ring network) for the TCPIP
protocol. NetWare usually uses the Ethernet_802.3 frame (Ethernet network)
or Token-Ring frame (Token Ring network) as the first frame to support IPX
protocol (Netware's default protocol). Therefore, the same driver has to be
loaded a second time to support a different frame (ie. Ethernet_II or

1. Load INETCFG and select Bindings option.

2. Press INSERT, select TCPIP, and select the board to support IP.

3. Enter IP Address, Subnet Mask and save the configuration by
pressing ESC.

4. Reinitialize System

I am going on the assumption that if I can get a client pc to connect then
the new server will likely connect as well but one step at a time.

Does anyone have some suggestions?