I am having issues with a Benq s72 joybook - suffers from "unable to find
tree/server" on cold start.
Ive forced Ctrl-Alt-Del (we generally do not use this) and asked CEO to
wait 20 secs or so before hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del (found this in knowledge
base), this is hit and miss tho. Computer reverts to 169.x.x.x ip
Netware servers v6+sp5 - client v4.9+sp2+post patches incl srvloc4 patch.
Just to clarify ONLY happens on this laptop- no other computer /laptop
suffers from this issue and if you restart the laptop - there are no
issues with finding any of the services or logging on.
Ive seen others having similar probs in the forums but havent seen a fix
to this.... any help/advice would be greatly appreciated
Theo :)