We have the same scenrio except we are running an even later client 4.91
on XP Pro w/ SP2. Running Netware 6 SP5. We will get the 890 errors as
well as the 100 errors. Also mapping to other Netware servers on our
WAN. Do not have a solution. Am looking for any helpful

brian_mcgovern@sonymusic.com.au Wrote:
> After restoring an image from our file server to a Dell Optiplex GX280
> machine, I occasionally get either of the above error messages:
> 890 says that The specified server is unknown
> 100 says that Access has been denied.
> After displaying these messages, it then proceeds to log into another
> of
> our file servers in a different location.
> Workstation Management has been installed which itself creates the
> problem
> of creating user accounts dynamically. That may be fine when
> everything
> is working smoothly, but in our case, it creates duplicate user
> profiles
> but places .000 on the end of the account name (It increments by one
> whenever it creates a new profile e.g 000, 001. Then you have a single
> user who may have a lot of different profiles. I have had one user have
> up
> to 11 seperate profiles created when they have logged in.
> OS: XP with SP2(YUCK)
> Client: 4.90 SP2
> Netware server: 6