I have encountered problems trying to install the 491 client on a new
PC, Athlon 64 hardware with Nvidia chipset. I have tried bare 491
client, and patched and even the beta 491 sp1. All produce the same
same result, a windows error message before login screen - Unable to
load Device driver ... nwdhcp.sys Error status was 0x00000034. After I
dismiss that one a second unable to load device driver message appears
for srvloc.sys. If I install the 490 client, all is well and everything
works. OS is Win2kSP4. I know my 491 files are good as the same files
install correctly on other PCs. I have wiped it and started over with a
clean fdisked system a couple of times and no difference. I will try
the same thing with XP in the next few days if I can make a little time,
but was hoping to not have to jump onto the XP bandwagon for day to day
computing just yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.