We are getting ready to migrate from Windows 2000 to XP. In our
testing of XP, we have seen a few instances where a user logs in and
receives the LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown
message. In this case, usually a few servers do map but one fails.
Performing a manual windows (\\uncpath) mapping after login is

The issue is not consistent as it occurs on different machines on
different days of the week. We have not found any process to reproduce
the issue. We are running the same 4.90 SP2 client installer on XP and
we have run on 2000. While we have seen the same issue occasionally on
2000, it seems like it only occurs after deploying NAL objects via
Zenworks. So my concern here, being one of the leads on the XP
project, is the fact that it seems like this drive mapping/unknown
server name issue is happening more frequently on Windows XP vs Windows

We are running Windows XP SP2 with all the critical hotfixes applied.
Our PCs are deployed via Ghost 8 image. In that image are standard
apps including Entrust, Office 2003, Norman Antivirus 5.81, Winzip. We
do have a security template applied, however all of our users are
admins on their machines. We are running the Novell client in IP only.
We have the Zenworks 4.00.1093 agent running and we are using DLU to
dynamically create the profile on the local workstations. We just
finished migrating our servers to 6.5 but that did not seem to have any
impact, positive or negative, in regards to this issue. The closest
TID that I could find seemed to reference an issue with the 4.83
client. At this point, I'm running out of things to look at. With the
issue being sporadic, it is difficult for us to perform a thorough
analysis of what is taking place. Could it be network, server, or
client? The fact that we have seen it on 2000 leads me that perhaps
server or network is involved, but as I said, it seems that the
frequency of this occuring has increased with XP SP2. Anybody have any
idea where I should start to look? I haven't looked at upgrading the
client just yet as other posts have mentioned that upgrading the client
doesn't seem to fix this problem. I included the failures below. As
you can see, when the drive map fails, our NAL object fails to run as
it cannot find the drive specified.

LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown.
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown.
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown.
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-890: The specified server is unknown.
LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-740: This utility could not execute external program

Thanks in advance,