We seem to have problems with the Novell Client. We are using DNS to find the tree. Not SLP. The
problem is on SOME workstations you can't find the tree. We are entering a DNS name into the
client and it finds the tree on most PC's. On the ones it doesn't work on, you enter the IP of the
server and it works fine. Yes, it can resolve the DNS name when logged in via pings. Some of my
techs said they can do a release/renew of the IP and it seems to work.

This is very aggrevating and I can't seem to find what is causing the problem. This also happens in
Win98 too. I would think it uses DNS not NetBIOS or anything else to the sort. We are using a
purely TCP/IP environment, no IPX.

I believe we are using the latest win98 client and 4.9 client on XP.

Anyone have any thoughts suggestions?