I have set the limit to 3 concurrent connections for all the students. As
students are starting to come back from summer vacation, I am seeing more
cases where some students cannot log in to the workstation. They get an
error: "You are trying to login to too many workstations simultaneously. The
supervisor has limited the number of user connections you may have." When I
check the list of active connections on my servers, I see that the user
account is listed with multiple IP connections. When I track the computer I
find that no one is logged into that workstation. When shut down the machine
the account disappears from the list of active connections. But when I turn
the machine on without logging in I see that the connection appears again.
All the machines in the student lab are running Windows XP SP2 with NW
Client 4.90 SP2. My Novell servers are running NW6 SP5 and I recently
upgraded from eDirectory 8.6.2 to