I've been trying to upgrade our machines and ran into a problem. We have
computers with either Win 2000 SP4 or Win XP SP2. I have to install the
latest upgrades from Win update in order to install Zenworks 6.5. Aside
from Zenworks, I am also upgrading the client to 4.9.1.

In June, I had installed Win 2000 (no sp's) as these P3 computers were
donated and they needed an OS. I also installed Client 4.9.0 at the time.
Of the 2 computers in one room, 1 will display the Novell Log in box and
the other won't.

I also have 2 computers in a room in which one is Win XP (not sp2) and the
other Win 2000 (no sp's). In June, when I installed Client 4.9.0 to connect
to the network, wither the Win XP didn't connect and the Win 2000 did or

I have tried to reformat the hard drive and start again but still ran into
the problem. Is there a way to write in either win script or novell script
to display the log in box when the computer is booted up.

Oh, if I log off through either right clicking on the N or via the start
button, then the Novell log in box appears.