Sorry if this has been posted before, a cursory search didn't turn up much,
so here we go. My organization has a rather large number of users with
quite a web of trustee rights between different departments. Recently,
after we updated to the 4.91 client, we've run into an issue with the
Netware Rights tab of the File Properties dialog reached by right-clicking
a file/directory in Explorer and selecting Properties.

On shares that have a large number of trustees, the list of trustees in the
Netware Rights tab is not updated when the list is scrolled. For example,
if the first name in the list is name-a.con.text, followed by
name-b.con.text, and so on, and we scroll through the list of names, only
name-a.con.text will be displayed, over and over again. This obviously
makes assigning new rights rather difficult.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there a TID you can refer me to,
or (hopefully) a fix? Thanks.