Trying to use ACU.EXE to install only service pack 1 for client 4.91. I get
the following error message:

An unknown error 0x0000000D (13) occurred while installing.

This is on a Windows XP SP1 PC with the 4.91 Netware client installed. The
acu.ini file has the [Service Pack] section in it with Check=Yes set per the
491sp1.txt file. I have checked the settings in setupsp.inf and they seem
correct. I can change the Internal version numbers in the unattend.txt file
that I am using to force a complete client installation with the Service
Pack files overlayed, but I don't want to do that. I just want acu.exe to
install the service pack. According to the 491sp1.txt file, ACU.EXE is
supposed to check the Service Pack version and only run setupsp.exe if only
the Service Pack needs updating. Has anyone tried to make this work?