several weeks ago Donald Albury wrote here:

"Novell is considering whether to produce a 64-bit client."

When will they decide to just *start* coding, please?

Several customers already now complain the lack of 64bit-Win-Support,
a few first customer's IT stuff (with M$ loving CEOs) start to mutter
that *THIS* might be the crux of the matter to kick NetWare and other
Novell producs.

At one of our customers this is to a critical state right now: They
will rollout a pure 64bit simulation software companywide, and this SW
*NEEDS* to be runned on 64bit Windows.

(some hundret licenses for NW, GW, BM, ZEN)

Netdrive / CIFS access is *NO* solution, of course.

I fear that Novell will postpone the development of this client
perpetual, hoping that their move to LINUX will be completed that fast,
that there will be no more need for such a client.

Nonsense IMHO: Windows XP defenitely will be the future desktop side.
And when even the client devteam supervisor realizes this, the time
will be too late. So then the developers will have to code /something/
in impractical short time.

I already can hear the derisive comments upon *THAT* client64.

Oh, yes, I already dropped my 2 cent at


Please start NOW.

And another thing: At least the Client32 has to be 64bit-Win-aware,
refusing the installation. IMHO this *must* be integrated in the very
next 4.9x client release, please. (also 'donated' my 2 cent for that

Thanks, Rudi.