we have: NW6.5.2 servers, 3.8 BM, XP Pro Workstations.
One of our XP-Pro workstations with client 4.91 has an additional Cisco VPN Client installed to connect to an external network over the BM. Generally this works, but from time to time this XP workstation has been disconnected from the NW6.5 Server, and had to reboot to reconnect. Also, there are no trees shown in the novell login.

We found, that the CISCO VPN service on the XP box was the reason. Stopping the cisco service, the trees can be seen and the XP box works fine.

Unfortunately, the cisco service has to be startet manually, before the Cisco VPN Client can be used. And it has to stopped manually to connect to NW6.5 without problem.

Does someone know a more comfortable solution?