I apologize if this question was already covered. I have seen many posts
with similar problems, but nothing that addresses this specific issue -
that i could easily find, and perhaps it is a terminology problem on my
end :-)

We use XP Remote Desktop to remote into other XP machines on our Novell
5.1 network. When we use the Remote Desktop client, we sign in with the
MSGINA, but then go directly to the desktop without the NWGINA running.

While using RDC, to run the NWGINA, we have to manually choose Novell
Login. If we physically go to one of these PC's and sign in without
using RDC, the NWGINA runs successfully every time, automatically, after
we login with the MSGINA. NWGINA just does not want to run when we are
using the XP Remote Desktop. We are currently using Netware Client


Gary Nunn
Unisys / Dept.of Defense