(and/or anyone where BootVis suggested a call down to mrxsmb.sys was

What is the startup status of the "Wireless Zero Configuration"
service in the Services control panel applet? (e.g. Is it set for
Automatic start, and is it started.)

Just heard report of a similar delay where this was suggested as being
the cause. ("Wireless Zero Configuration" service not set to run &
not running.)

Alan Adams <> wrote:

> Yeah, understandable. FWIW, one key thing I'm thinking of here is
> using BootVis to watch whether this 60+ seconds spent in an IOCTL down
> to mrxsmb.sys occurs /even without the Novell Client installed/.
> Because the Novell Client is dependant on services & service groups to
> start (such as "TDI") which the Microsoft MSGINA.DLL and/or login UI
> may not care about, I'm just holding out the possibility that perhaps
> this "delay" (60+ seconds spent in an IOCTL down to mrxsmb.sys) occurs
> "all the time" in some particular configuration. But that with only
> MSGINA.DLL installed, you don't visually see any effect. With Novell
> Client installed & dependant on TDI or some other delayed service
> group, suddenly the same condition now becomes visually apparent.
> Total guessing, so don't put too much stock in it. None of the
> machines I've laid BootVis on show more than three or four seconds
> spent in mrxsmb.sys during bootup, so I can't say I've actually seen
> this issue.
> (Your notes regarding having disabled the Microsoft client, etc., were
> useful; but introducing that configuration change didn't cause
> anything new to occur for me here, FWIW. But could still be part of
> some additional factors required to see this.)
> "Tony Pedretti" <> wrote:
> > Unfortunately without being able to reproduce outside of my only workstation
> > at home (white box that I built), I can't justify troubleshooting to that
> > extent at this time. But I am willing to further experiment and in the
> > future will keep this issue in mine when re-ghosting it. (ghost image is a
> > clean Windows XP SP2 install and I can verify that it does not experience
> > this black screen delay prior to login)

> Alan Adams, MCNE

Alan Adams
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