I have Novell Client 4.91 installed on a Windows 2003 Terminal server
with all the updates installed.

Sometimes when clients login they just get a blue screen with no icons on
it, just the mouse. I have to login as the admin, and reset their
connection. Sometimes that clears it, sometimes I have to do it a couple
of times.

I've figured out it's the Novell Client causing the issue because when I
didn't have the client installed, I didn't have any problems.

I've tried to redo the server (reformat, reinstall the OS from scratch)
and nothing on the server except for the Novell Client. This problem
occurs at random times, sometimes when a user logs in they'll get that
blank blue screen.

It doesn't matter if they're a member of the Administrators group. Some
users are members of Users and some are members of Administrators.

I've read some articles in the knowledgebase about this issue but they
don't seem to apply because I'm using a newer version of the client.

Here are the articles #s I've looked at: