I am experiencing XP reboots when I attempt to execute a file stored in a
mapped drive, but only when using the Novell Client. The machine in
question had been running XP Pro SP1 with Client 4.90 SP1 successfully for a
long time. After updating to client 4.91 I ran for weeks without noticing a
problem. When I applied XP SP2 I first noticed it, but I cannot say for
sure whether it was broken before I also added Mcafee Internet Security
Suite 2005.

I tried applying the 4.91 SP1, uninstallling the client and re-installing
4.90 SP1, removing Windows SP2, and disabling McAfee. The problem remained.

The only way I have been able to eliminate the problem is to use the
Microsoft XP client for Netware, which is not an acceptable solution for
this particular machine as I had been using it to administer Netware file
rights with the Windows Explorer right click options.

Is it possible I need to run some kind of scrub to completely purge the 4.91
client and then re-install the 4.90 client?