Hi not sure I have the correct group here, any suggestions welcome.

I Have 2 servers NetWare 6.5
1 server subnet
2 client subnets x and y
1 tree
2 user containers

ou1 contains users for servers x
ou2 contains users for server y

In general I donít want users to be able to communicate with server x when
the login using ou2, and ws is located in subnet y(they allways will)

It works fine exept for some small problem.

Workstations (win98/xp) in subnet y still want to connect to server x while
using ou1.
This while there is no referral in the login script to that server
whatsoever. I use a no_default in the login script and it wants to connect
before mapping any drives.

I blocked all communication from subnet y to server x so login takes some
time now. Unblocking port 524 is not an option cause that will open up the

Any idears how to force the client not to connect to a server it does not
need a connection to?

Xp Client version 4.9 sp2
Win98 client version 3.40

Stefan Jippes