I have not completely isolated the bluescreen problem, but I know it
occurs after I have taken my laptop home for the day, when I get back to
work and plug it in. I get a bluescreen/reboot error when I rejoin my
network at work- even before trying to connect to the netware client. It
doesn't occur at predictable times. I have also had the same error when I
try to connect to my home network after being connected to Novell at
work. I think I can eliminate the problem by logging off from Novell
before disconnecting my laptop, but this is still a bug in the software
that needs to be fixed. I have downloaded the 4.91sp1 and cannot get it
to install: It brings up a command box and says "Continue extraction?" to
which I type 'y' and then it says "Verifying ARJ-SECURITY ENVELOPE" for
about 20 seconds, then the command box closes, with noting updated.
Any ideas how I can get an updated version of the client installed, and
whether or not this will fix my bluescreen errors caused by disconnecting
my laptop's ethernet connection without logging off from the client?