Testing of our latest ACU on Windows 2000 SP4 has highlighted an issue with
displaying the 'nwelcome.bmp' with the desktop colour level set to 256
colours. Instead of displaying the 'press ctrl+alt+del' message prior to
login, the dialog appears blank. It is rendered normally when you login and
load it into 'paint' or another imaging program.

The problem is independent of screen resolution and only occurs when the
colour depth is set to 256 colours. The problem can be worked around by
either increasing or decreasing the colour level in the image (16 colours
looks foul, and 16bit colour triples the file size), or increasing the
number of colours used to display the windows desktop.

This was posted on the forums a few years back and the person reporting the
problem seamed happy with the workaround...

I would like to know why this is an issue and whether there are any known
solutions to resolve it?

Cheers, Tim