We are using Netware 6.5 w/ XP sp2 workstations and I have client 4.91
sp1 installed on this particular workstation. We use Active Directory in
addition to NDS because some software we use isn't written to use NDS
security policies, only AD. There is a local account created using
workstation manager when you log in to Netware. We then joined the PC
to an Active Directory domain (called MYDOMAIN). It appears the only way
to create a user.MYDOMAIN account is to log into the workstation using
the "workstation only" option specifying to use the MYDOMAIN domain. If
you try to specify the MYDOMAIN domain while logging into Novell (without
the Workstation Only option), it still uses the local account, not the
domain account. Our users need access to Netware shares in addition to
the Active Directory security policies. I've made this work previously
on an XP sp1 machine w/ client 4.9 sp1; but for some reason this XP sp2
machine w/ client 4.91 sp1 simply will not log in using that
user.MYDOMAIN account. What am I missing here? The username and
passwords for this account are EXACTLY the same between NDS and AD, and
like I said before, I made it work with another client PC.

For what it's worth, the "copy Netware username to Windows" option is
enabled, but it doesn't matter what you put in the username field under
the Windows tab. I tried putting in a string of garbage and it still
logged me into Novell's locally created account without question.