I am in the process of performing a rollout of strong passwords via
identity manager and need to reinstall clients with NMAS. However,
the /u parameter of the client install doesn't seem to work unless /acu
is also used. Unfortunately, I have users who are already running the
latest client and so ACU thinks that the client doesn't need to be
updated since it is already the latest version. I need to be able to
perform a scripted install (/u) on workstations that already have the
latest client.

I checked the documentation for ACU, particularly the available settings
for acu.ini, and didn't find anything that will force ACU to reinstall
the client. I tried using SETUPSP.EXE after modifying the setupsp.inf
file to update NMAS but that didn't work (I assume because NMAS was not
already installed).

HELP!! If possible, I don't want to have to go around manually
installing this.