a co-worker recently told me that it was possible to access the Novell
servers while logged in "workstation only" to a Microsoft box that has
the Novell client, without being logged into the tree. All that is
required is that the tree have a user whose cn and password match the
username and password of the Microsoft user being used.

After seriously questioning his sanity, I tested. I logged into one of
our W2K servers that has the Netware client on the Domain side only. I
then opened the Novell connections window to verify there were indeed no
connections to the tree, then browsed to one of our Novell servers,
expecting to be challenged for Netware credentials. I was able
manipulate files on the server without being challenged. Refreshing the
connections window showed new connections to both server and tree even
though I had not been challenged to authenticate.

The server in question is our last 6.0 server in an otherwise 6.5 tree.

Now I'm trying to puzzle out the mechanism in play here.